World Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

We are WSAPS

The World Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (WSAPS) is a professional organization dedicated to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine worldwide.

WSAPS was established in January 2021.

The purpose of the World Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (WSAPS) is to evaluate and share aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine of the world in order to further refine technique, improve safety, and promote their development.


Research Activities

The World Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (WSAPS) aims to establish an international network of aesthetic surgery and promoting the following research activities:

– Research on the supply and demand of cosmetic surgery

– Development and assessment of cosmetic surgery and pharmaceutical products

– Research on the development and utilization of devices and medicines

– International exchange of cosmetic surgeons and international educational activities

– Research and investigation on various problems related to cosmetic surgery and dermatology.


Fields of research

– Information and research on cosmetic surgery

– Information and research on cosmetic education and professional education

– Research on the distribution of educational information and educational practices related to cosmetic and professional education in various companies

– Research on international sharing of cosmetic surgery techniques and educational practices

– Research on cosmetic surgery abroad

– Research on the development of cosmetic devices and pharmaceuticals

– Development of various databases necessary for cosmetic surgery, and research on methods of distribution and utilization in educational practice


Main business activities

 In addition to research activities such as publication of a worldwide journal, various business activities and education are also important for the society. Our main activity are as follows:

– Organizing or sponsoring lectures, research presentations, study groups, etc.

– Publishing online journals and literature

– Surveys and research on cosmetic surgery

– Liaison and cooperation with domestic and foreign academic associations

– Distribution of cosmetic surgery

– Sponsorship or support of workshops on the distribution and utilization of educational information


Business Plan and Research Projects

The WSAPS will organize projects related to research and development of aesthetic surgery in academic societies or research subcommittees as necessary.


Science of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine

The WSAPS will distribute literature, teaching material, learning software, database, etc. prepared by the Society and other parties and organizations related to the Society.


Introduction of education, teaching material, and tools

We provide education by teaching material and tools, learning software, educational equipment, publications, educational expenses, etc. for companies participating in the society. Also, we investigate and evaluate education.


Hosting and Supporting Training Courses and Seminars

WSAPS hosts and supports training courses through seminar in the aesthetic surgery / cosmetic medicine region. In addition to training and seminars held by WSAPS, we also respond to requests for training and seminars from organizations that are in association of WSAPS and other academic societies.


Research and Studies

We will organize projects to investigate topics related to aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine. We will  present the results to the members of the society.


Establishment of support organizations

For projects that exceed the functions of the WSAPS, we will establish an organization to support and promote the distribution of educational information.


Our research targets a wide variety of information in a wide range of fields.

We have established research groups, study groups, and research projects, and with the participation and cooperation of many educators, researchers, and practitioners. We gather new techniques, products, and information created in various fields, and distribute and provide such information to the society.


WSAPS aims to improve self-esteem, wellbeing, and satisfaction of mankind.

We believe:

A beautiful body leads to a beautiful mind.

We hope to make the world a better, more beautiful place through safe surgery.

Feel free to join us.