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 Liposuction is a procedure in which a tube (cannula) is inserted into the area of subcutaneous fat to be reduced. Subcutaneous fat is suctioned and removed under negative pressure. While lipectomy used to be the most common method of fat reduction, liposuction is currently the most common method for fat reduction due to producing less scars.
 Although often misunderstood, liposuction does not solve medical problems caused by obesity and is only effective in terms of aesthetic / cosmetic surgery. In addition, the removal of subcutaneous fat cells can cause problems associated with the transfer of excess calories to subcutaneous, visceral, and ectopic fat in areas where fat cells have not been removed.
 The WET method is currently mainstream for liposuction. A solution called tumescent is injected into the area before suction. After waiting for the hemostatic and analgesic effect of the tumescent, fat is suctioned using a cannula.
Direct suction of hard fat sometimes result in skin becoming uneven or loose after surgery. However, recent advances in liposuction device have led to improvements.
 The amount of fat that can be suctioned in a single surgery is generally 30 mililiters for the face and 1,000 to 3,000 mililiters for the abdomen.

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